Vancouver Drive has a new website

Vancouver Drive has a new website!

Unlike our SoundCloud page, I’ve known about this one from the start because I built it myself. I took the opportunity to experiment with Cloudflare Pages, as it’s a simple static site like this blog. Cloudflare Pages is promoted as a Jamstack platform (JavaScript, APIs and Markup), but if you’re only using it for static content, it’s free of charge - so we only needed to pay for the domain name (which we also got from Cloudflare, at cost). The way it works is, you build the site using a static site generator (SSG) like Hugo, put the source in a GitHub or GitLab repository, and connect that repository to your Cloudflare account. Cloudflare then automatically runs your chosen SSG on every git commit, and publishes the results to your domain (if you have one, or a subdomain of Cloudflare’s if you don’t). I had already rebuilt this blog using Hugo and become comfortable with it as a tool, and of course I’ve been using GitHub for over a decade, so I only had to learn the bits that were specific to Cloudflare Pages, which took all of a couple of hours.

Vancouver Drive’s music is, of course, available on Spotify and all the other major streaming platforms. I’ve never linked to those from here, for reasons that should be obvious to regular readers of this blog. (If you’re wondering why my music is on those platforms at all - well, there are three other people in the band, and they don’t all share my opinions on DRM). But if you’re already a user of those platforms, you can find links on our new website to listen to our music there, should you want to. If, like me, you don’t like DRM, you can find DRM-free MP3s of our music for sale on 7digital.