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Just say no to DRM

Microsoft has announced that it will be closing its DRM-encumbered ebook store, with the consequence that its customers’ ebooks will “no longer be available to read”.

I don’t buy ebooks with DRM (nor anything else with DRM, for that matter), but apparently lots of people do, and many seem to be content - even proud - to buy ebooks with weak DRM, which they expect to be able to remove.

I don’t do that, and I’d urge anyone that does to reconsider.

Electronic voting

With the impending demise of Google+, I went through my posts there and found exactly one that I considered to be worth saving from the chopping block. Here it is; originally posted in May 2014.

TV3’s Vincent Browne is, disappointingly, the latest to jump on the bandwagon suggesting that Ireland ought to take a step backwards and repeat the disastrous attempt to introduce electronic voting.


Dear people building websites

If you’re going to make me spend thirty minutes of my life reading your mind-numbing terms and conditions, at least have the courtesy to set your session timeout to longer than thirty minutes.

Letter to Michael McDowell about online voting

Dear Mr. McDowell,

I received your materials outlining your priorities for Seanad Éireann and was dismayed to learn that you advocate “online voter registration and voting”.

Voting in Seanad Éireann elections is at present conducted by means of a postal ballot. Postal voting already presents a variety of serious threats to the confidentiality and integrity of the ballot. Online voting would solve none of these problems, exacerbate most of them, and introduce some new and unique problems of its own.